For over 50 years Jetronics has provided customers with solutions to unique problems. From custom cable to large box builds we maintain the highest quality of manufacturing while optimizing cost for our customers. We provide in house engineering as well as maintaining an overall defect rate of less then 500 parts per million. We are ISO 9001 certified as well as a ITAR registered company.

Jetronics is committed to value for our Customers through:

  • Technology – Jetronics continually commits to maintaining technologies appropriate to our customers’ evolving needs through employee training, education, and capital equipment expenditures.
  • Quality – We maintain an overall defect rate of less than 500 parts per million as well as ISO 9001 certification.
  • Responsiveness – Our reliability and responsiveness, at all stages of  design and production, result from over four decades of experience. Jetronics is committed to building and maintaining solid business relationships. Our commitment is reciprocated through the long-term relationship we have with our customers.
  • Delivery – Excellence in delivery performance is non-negotiable in our business. We live by this belief and strive for a seamless integration of our assemblies into your production line.
  • Cost – Customized design for manufacturing techniques and continuous cost-driver review guarantees product cost optimization. This results in optimized prices for our customers.
  • Environment – Jetronics is aware of our impact on the environment. We conduct our business operations in an environmentally responsible manner. Our products and services are environmentally sound throughout their life cycles.